Miho. G

One summer day. . . . . ( ある夏の日 。。。)

One summer day. . . . . ( ある夏の日 。。。)

poster color & acryl gouache on paper
13.8 × 9.6 inches
$600 (without frame)

Polka dots(水玉)

Polka dots(水玉)

poster color & acryl gouache on paper
21.4 × 15.2 inches
$550 (without frame)

hollyhock (立ち葵)

hollyhock (立ち葵)

poster color & acryl gouache
24.2 × 29 inches
$800 (without frame)

When Miho.G was young, she wanted to become a textile designer and was employed at the HANAE-MORI group company. However, she realized the gap between design and reality. So she gave up her dream of becoming a textile designer.

After that, she got an office job at a general company.

At the age of 40, she started watercolor painting in her own way and at the age of 50, she was encouraged by her watercolor instructor to take upon a major watercolor painting.

・Selected for 4 years at the Japan Watercolor Federation Exhibition.

Around the same time, she started taking care of her mother. Living with her mother was very refreshing and she felt more strongly about painting.

★She mainly paints plants, landscapes and abstract paintings (gansai poster color and acrylic-gouache).

★The style of her paintings have not been decided.

Since most of her artworks emerge while painting, she does not make any drafts.

Also being a major plant lover, the feelings of compassion, vitality and beauty etc for plants are expressed in her artworks.

・Exhibited at a dining restaurant(Osaka 2017-2018)

・Exhibited at a Gallery in Jiyugaoka(Tokyo 2018-2019)

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