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Mesmerizing Mermaids

alcohol, ink, paper
13.78 x 16.74 inches
$150 (with frame)

Born in 1986, MINAKO is an artist who specializes in alcohol ink art. Amidst the stress of living in the COVID-19 catastrophe, she encountered alcohol ink art by chance and was mesmerized by its beauty and healing power.
The art form enjoys the abstract paintings with the random blending of colors and patterns created as the ink dries, which does not turn out the same way twice. She layers the colors that she picked up instinctively as she relaxes her heart and mind and thus facing all her emotions. What makes her work unique are intricate layers of colors with depth and collages of multiple pieces.
She wishes to heal people’s hearts through her art. She hopes to spread the joy she gets from alcohol ink art further in Japan, where many people are still not familiar with it.
She makes her debut at the Made Japan Exhibition in July 2022 in Chelsea, New York, and is scheduled to exhibit at several exhibitions in Japan.

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