Miyuki Tanabe

species that encompassing the light

Chinese lantern plant
19.69 x 19.69 inches
$300 (without frame)

Miyuki Tanabe has lived her life engaging in dialogue with plants, believing that humans, flowers, birds, butterflies, fish, and air all originated and exist as one.

She was raised in the nature-rich land of Shinhidaka Town, Hokkaido, and worked for a medical device company before embarking on her 30-year career as a floral designer. She worked in flower shops in Japan and abroad, exploring the relationship between humans and plants as she believed that plants could substitute medicine and that the sensations derived from plants could give birth to a work of art.

While engaging in floral design, she researched and practiced phytotherapy in dialogue with the stories and languages each flower and plant communicates, hoping that she could prescribe plants as a substitute for medical treatment. She took a lesson from plants that the therapy that works and matters the most is knowing and living as our true selves. Hoping to convey the truth she found, she began working as a phytotherapy artist, leaving her flower design career to live her own life and let go of the stereotypes that had bound her.

Today, she creates works that reveal the essence of plants, thinking that it’d be her greatest pleasure if those who see her work realize their own essential way of being and feel relief in their hearts.






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