Mizukai Haruka

Changing seasons

Changing seasons

acryl gouache (acrylic paint), canvas
20.87 x 17.92 inches
$280 (without frame)

Since she could remember, Mizukai Haruka felt the emotional colors of people and things that cannot be seen.
After graduating from junior college in childcare, she worked as a supporting worker at an elementary school, and was stimulated by the children’s artworks.
She began to strongly desire to become a painter that touches the hearts of others, and learned the basics at a night school for art while working. There, she received an encouragement award.

While she lives with her past not disappearing and still alive, she feels that everyone is living with various past thoughts.
So that you can face the past as much as possible when you stop.
So that you can forgive yourself.
Such thoughts are expressed through the natural and colorful colors in her artworks.
Letting the colors and words come together.

Expressing the feelings in her life,
An artwork that makes even one person feel at ease,
An artwork that makes people smile,
She would like to present warmth and kindness.
With hopes of happiness in the heart.

Along with a poem, she draws feeling art from her heart with acryla gouache (acrylic paint), watercolor, etc.
She is mainly active in exhibitions.
In 2014, she participated in Cocoro=feelingーOUCHI Galleryー(Solo exhibition) in New York,
etc., etc..

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