Momi Crouzet


15.6 x 15.6 inches
1/5 (edition)
$150 with frame


Momi Crouzet has been an imaginative storyteller since childhood. Her imagination was nurtured growing up in a small city in Chiba surrounded by its flowers, rivers, forests, and mountains. She encountered storytelling through photography when she took a black-and-white photography class at a university in the U.S. she attended as an exchange student.

The duality expressed in her work is strongly influenced by the ideas in Duane Michals’ photography works: the connection between the invisible spirits and the natural world and the synchronicity between the protagonist’s emotional journey and the real-life events. Momi expresses the ties and integration between two ideas that are otherwise mutually exclusive and thus unfold them with her touch of poetry, prettiness, and humor. While Michals’ works dealt with sexuality and aging: subjects considered taboo in his time, she cast a light on the socially vulnerable by choosing the psychology of children and their nights as the subject matter. For her, art is a visualization of the part of herself that she cannot put into words and what leads the viewers to get a slight sense of healing.

Even after seeing so much in her life in Paris and London after her marriage, her work celebrates the simple beauty and the message that lies beyond waste. More recently, she has been showing her work in group exhibitions, eager to express the awe of nature and higher beings that are dormant within her. It derived from the ancient Japanese worship of nature that resides in her and serves as her suggestion that modern society, both Western and Japanese, need a way of life where humans and nature live in harmony thus circulating energy. She wants to express comfort, beauty, love, and harmony in her images.

Her major works include Songes de la Nuit’ (Night Reveries), which was exhibited at the children’s book section at Le Bon Marche in 2007, and Home Sweet Home, which was featured in various media including Italian Vogue along with her other works through 2019.





主な作品に2007年にパリの老舗デパート、Le Bon Marcheの子どもの図書コーナーで展示され『Songes de la Nuit’ (Night Reveries)』、2019年までの作品と共にイタリアンヴォーグをはじめとした各国のメディアにて掲載された『おうちにかえろう (Home Sweet Home)』などがある。

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