A Place Where I Can Be Myself by Momiji

A Place Where I Can Be Myself

canvas, oil paint
16.14 × 12.52 inches

Momiji - Drawing- JCAT artist

Momiji was born in 1985. She liked to draw since she was little, but felt as if art was not necessary for a proper life, so she decided to let it go. However, her life in Tokyo as a working adult and her experience with the outcomes of  the Great East Japan Earthquake, changed her way of thinking as she learned about the value of the things she likes. 

Since then, she studied at Musashino Art University, and has been aiming to create artworks that portray the beauty felt by the heart and the balance sought by instincts. She mainly creates oil paintings, and draws nature and living things as motifs to bring about beauty and the sense of presence.  

From her 12 year experience with kendo as a student, she believes that everything is a fight against yourself, and aims for harmony with the world beyond that. Along with such thoughts, the traditional spirit and region-specific sensibilities gained through training are naturally included to create a unique world that takes some Japanese shapes and colors.  

In 2021, she exhibited for the first time in “The 26th Japan National Selected Artists Exhibition”. 

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