colored pencils drawing on paper
9.65 x 13.19 inches

Nogigaka - Painter - JCAT artist

Nogigaka is a Japanese painter.

He obtained a master’s degree in chemistry from graduate school in 2021 and now works for a chemical manufacturer, and drawing is part of his hobby. He is now 25 years old, four years after he started drawing pencils, and only three years after he started drawing colored pencils.

The reason he started drawing was that he was impressed by the realistic pencil drawing video that he happened to see on Youtube. Although he had no experience of painting or learning painting in earnest, he learned the technique of painting by himself while playing the video repeatedly.

His work is extremely delicate and precise, and is so realistic that it can be mistaken for a photograph.

From 2020, he started explaining how to draw on Youtube to convey the wonders of super-realism to people. He also became an instructor in the pencil drawing class from July 2022.

His dream for the future is to become a world-renowned painter and hold solo exhibitions abroad.

In 2021 he hosted his first solo exhibition “Nogigaka Exhibition” in Tokyo.

He has many appearances on TV and news.
Over 50,000 followers on social media.

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