Online Exhibition "LOVE NY 2023" Art Sales Online Art Store -- four seasons in JAPAN(No.2)by NORIKO MIYAMOTO

four seasons in JAPAN(No.2)

16.14 x 12.52 inches
$350 (without frame)

NORIKO MIYAMOTO - Japanese painter JCAT NY artisy

During her sixth year of elementary school, ever since she saw a photo of European paintings in an English textbook my parents bought, becoming a painter was Noriko Miyamoto’s secret dream.During her first year of middle school, she learned oil painting technique at the studio of a Nitten painter Harada Gachou. But a painter can’t afford to live or raise a family on art alone, so she entered the world of apparel to sell designs.After that she would like to study once again, learning philosophy at a university while managing a private cramming school course.

She has decided, once again, to pursue her dream of painting having encountered Kant and Sartre, whose philosophies hold “possibility“ as a theme of life.


中学校1年生になると、日展画家(原田 雅兆)のアトリエで油絵の描き方を学ぶ。しかし、画家では生活が出来ないとの家族の反対から、アパレルの世界でデザイン画を描き、販売を行う。その後、再度勉強をしたいと思い、学習塾を経営しながら大学で哲学を学ぶ。


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