Lake Shore by O'Rainbow Japanese Watercolor paintings

Lake Shore

9.06 x 11.82 inches
$250 (with frame)

Hay Rolls by Japanese watercolor artist O'Rainbow

Hay Rolls

9.65 x 12.41 inches
$220 (with frame)

Beaver Creek by O'Rainbow Japanese Watercolor paintings

Beaver Creek

9.65 x 12.41 inches
$280 (with frame)


O’Rainbow (Fiona Y. Shen) was born in Shanghai, China. She is so blessed that she had chance to be trained in the field of traditional Chinese Painting as well as Chinese Calligraphy from a young age. She was fascinated by these traditional Chinese visual arts and spent hours and hours practicing despite her busy academic life, which significantly influenced her artistic path.
O’Rainbow majored in fashion designing at her university, where she continuously practiced a larger variety of visual arts in different media, including water colour, gouache, colour pencils, inks, etc. She started her career in the apparel industry including designing and visual merchandising after graduation.
After she moved to Canada, she established a digital graphic design business for a short period of time and then launched her long career in Automobile industry. However, visual arts is always O’Rainbow’s passion. She picked up her brushed and the palettes again in the recent few years and created numerous art pieces. She donated her art pieces multiple times to the community charity events and very active at social media.
She has travelled to many parts of the world during the past ten years. She wishes to capture every meaningful moment in her life, expressing her deep love towards nature and leave viewers with a sense of beauty and empowerment to others.

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