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mechanical pencil, paper, movie maker

Pastelwork+i.u. - Mixed Media Artist - JCAT artist

The Great East Japan earthquake has happened in 2011. Because it was enrolled in a university of the Tohoku and Kanto area, Pastelwork+i.u. couldn’t think as a somebody else’s problem, and felt deep anxiety and thought to have. He doesn’t know why but he has begun to draw his hand. Art activities of Pastelwork+i.u. became synonymous to a prayer at the same time.

He is thinking there will be no techniques and methods which aren’t performed by present-day art any more. Therefore Pastelwork+i.u. doesn’t emphasize anything as originality. There are various types of art materials and techniques used by him.

After activity in Japan, Pastelwork+i.u. begins to start overseas operations to come near and release a work widely. He held solo exhibition in New York in 2017. He is aiming at more work announcements at foreign countries from now on.

When doing future’s activity, Pastelwork+i.u. regards Gerhard Richter as an ideal artist. It’s also possible also to draw a good representational painting dreadfully and draw an abstract painting, and moreover he’s also dealing with a solid work and agrees with directionality of Pastelwork+i.u..
He set up an office in 2020 to manage the gallery and train young artists.

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