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LOVE…for the earth

crayon on wood panel & medium coating
11.7 x 8.27 inches
$220 (without frame)

RICO is a scratch artist who layers and scraps crayons on acrylic boards and wooden panels.
She first encountered scratch art in preschool. She was fascinated by the unimaginable world of new colors that emerged from under the black crayon. Decades later, she started creating with her unique style made from the underpainting. Recently, she has been challenging herself with other techniques using crayons.
She often draws nature from the experience of living at the foot of a mountain and climbing it. As a mother who finished raising her children, she also draws in hopes to “watch over with big love” for the children who are dying their pure white hearts with colorful colors.

The world would be more wonderful if people could watch over and support others with even a little kindness, she believes so as she creates.

She received a special award at the 2018 Sakura Color Products “Everyone’s Exhibition.” She also has exhibited her work at an online solo exhibition she had with JCAT in 2021, in addition to the multiple group exhibitions she has been participating in in major cities in Japan and New York every year since 2019.

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