Polar Bear

Polar Bear

mixed media (shoulder big bag type)
23.63 x 11.82 inches

The Nature Of Emptiness

The Nature Of Emptiness

mixed media on corrugated paper
12.21 x 15.75 inches

Charcoal Clouds

Charcoal Clouds

mixed media on washi paper and canvas
54.34 x 27.56 inches

Rmoo was born and raised in Aomori. After she narrowly escaped the 1995 Sarin incident, she went abroad.

For a certain time, “them”… came out… on her artworks. It is hard to express in words. She did not have the courage. What “them” shows… is perhaps the energy waves, spirit, intuition, and a sense of feeling from others that appear on her canvas. She kept hiding and painting.

If she does not see any of “them” painting some small works, they are considered as“interior art”. Her beloved motif “Flower・Clouds・Pottery・Animals” – are rented and sold at the rental company, Casie.

“Landscapes” – She incorporates all the thoughts of one day and all memories of one places. Mother Nature is also a major influence in her works, but the colors that appear in the back of her eyelids when she wakes up every morning determines the color(s) of the day.

She values her interactions with the brushes hardness, paints and other tools that change depending on weather.

Her art activities are centered on solo exhibitions – done 2-5 times a year. Although her works are thin oil paintings that are closer to classical paintings, they are styles of modern art.

Main Galleries and Participated Exhibition from 2018




Godo Kaisha Nihon Bungei


Gallery Jin

Tomorrow’s Forest Gallery



JCAT “Solo Exhibition”

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