I draw, being randomly inspired by beautiful shapes around me.
Everything has a god residing in it who playfully decorates my days.
Every day is full of splendid games to play.
I always have to make my own choices.
With the help of art, even when we are apart, we connect heart by heart.

Tadashi-NISHIMORI Japanese oil painter and JCAT artist

Table of Smiles

oil painting on canvas
16.15 x 20.87 inches
$915 (without frame)

Tadashi-NISHIMORI Japanese oil painter and JCAT artist

Back alley

acrylic painting on canvas
14.93 x 17.92 inches
$220 (without frame)

Tadashi-NISHIMORI was born in Nara prefecture. He was raised on sacred land and learned that god is everywhere around him. As if conversing with the gods around him, he started drawing when he was little.
Like giggling, he relaxes and looks at the beautiful and inspirational shapes around him.
He draws using acrylic, gansai (Japanese watercolor), watercolor colored pencils, and so on on canvases, boards, or watercolor papers. His paintings feature landscapes, still life, and snapshots.
From 1993-1997, he studied oil painting at a vocational school. Without entering art college, he moved to Tokyo. From 1997-2004, he held a group exhibition every year. From 1999-2007, he designed magazine illustrations and cafe menus, and sold hand-drawn t-shirts. He is currently creating while working in a company.

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