Takahiro Ishida

a book by Takahiro Ishida

a book

photo, canvas printing
11.69 × 8.27 inches
2021, ed-1/2
$65 (without frame)


movie (Abiko Chiba in Japan)

a table and a desk by Takahiro Ishida

a table and a desk

photo, canvas printing
16.54 × 11.69 inches
2021, ed-1/2
$70 (without frame)

Takahiro Ishida - JCAT Artist

Takahiro Ishida was born in 1995 in Toyama, Japan. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, where he majored in Agricultural and Life Sciences, in the Faculty of Agriculture. He is deeply interested in abstract expression, surrealism, physical expression, sociology, environmental science, and regionalogy. He loved performing expressions, and moving mindlessly in certain places. 
In his childhood, natures in Toyama such as rural landscapes, mountains and season’s transitions had a conversation with his senses. After he entered university, he felt involved in local cultures and landscapes, thinking about their complexities of areas and people, while he came to like dancing and expressing himself using his body.
The unconscious body language is a root language of humanity. Physically caught in the natives and the exotics, he performs under the theme of acceptance and rejection. This expresses complexities of the past and ways of the future.  In “Wit and Audacity”, an exhibition of his works in 2021, he presented  photographs of the performances.

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