Tateyama Masako

Seven treasures of Fuji by Tateyama Masako

Seven treasures of Fuji

gansai (pigments)
35.44 x 28.75 inches
$5000 (without frame)

Sound of Fuji by Tateyama Masako

Sound of Fuji

gansai (pigments)
28.75 x 35.44 inches
$5000 (without frame)

Under the baton of deity by Tateyama Masako

Under the baton of deity

gansai (pigments)
28.75 x 24.02 inches
$3500 (without frame)


People are living in the pain of the world. Masako paints Mt. Fuji. she hopes that it will be the light of their salvation. The mountain is a symbol of her hometown and your imaginary landscape. She pray that Mt. Fuji will bring silence and peace for the people.

Tateyama Masako - JCAT Artist

She born in Fukuoka, Japan in 1948.
In 1973, she studied under Japanese-style painters Takahashi Kizan and Isshiki Haruki.She involved in fusuma painting production.
After getting married, she continued to create, and is currently exhibiting her work at Gallery160 in Matsudo, Chiba, Japan.

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