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Merry-Go-Round of My inspiration

color pencils
19.69 x 17.72 inches
$350 (with frame)

TOMO OGIWARA (0T0M8) presents delicate colored pencil drawings under the theme of “Do as you please, feel as you please.” His works are composed of dots and small circles with the beauty of a mosaic. The use of soft colors seemingly conveys the gentleness with which TOMO OGIWARA (0T0M8) gazes at the subject. As an artist he sees all kinds of things that exist in the world as being composed of countless minuscule “grains” and aims to express the energy that overflows from each and every one of them.

2018 Sep.: He participated in this group exhibition【Artrates Art Group Show at The Local NYC】
2018 Nov.: He participated in this group exhibition【Art Fusion 2018】at Jadite Galleries, NYC
2019 Aug.: He participated in this group exhibition【“ONWARD Navigating The Japanese Future 2019 at The Hive Gallery and Studios, LA”】
He was selected Best Artist of the Week and Best Artist of the Student Choice.
2020: He participated LUDVIG RAGE “CORONART” project in Germany.
2021: He participated in the open call for participants of “Le Salon 2022” and was selected. Then, he exhibited at the “Le Salon 2022” exhibition held in Paris February 2022.
2022 Mar.: He participated in World Art Dubai

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