Toru Inaishi

Semiconductor Girl

oil paint, paper clay, stone powder clay, glasses, woods, semiconductor cards, brass wire, others
9.85 x 15.36 inches
$3000 (without frame)

Metal Girl by Toru Inaishi

Metal Girl

oil paint, paper clay, stone powder clay, glasses, woods, stainless steel pigment, aluminum pigment, others
9.85 x 14.97 inches
$3000 (without frame)

Give the world my regards by Toru Inaishi

Give the world my regards

oil paint, paper clay, stone powder clay, glasses, woods, others
9.06 x 15.36 inches
$3000 (without frame)

Toru Inaishi

Toru Inaishi’s artworks are one-of-a-kind. Have you ever seen square shaped cat sculptures or lively statues with sparkling wounds? Many of his artworks are made of paper clay or stone powder clay, embedded with glass balls and painted with oil, but he also creates paintings and drawings in other ways.

He studied sculpture under the sculptor, Takahiro Ohira for more than 10 years since 2000. After his master died, however, he studied painting and contemporary art expression at Musashino Art University in Tokyo for five years from 2013.

While Inaishi is a businessman, he also feels the pain of living in modern society and wishes to create immutable existences that overcome human stereotypes. Cats could be square. A woman’s face could have Japanese and Korean characteristics (they are often in conflict) with semiconductors embedded in it.

Using his long experience in art and his creativity, Inaishi continues to create ironic and contemporary artworks.

Exhibition History
2017 Solo exhibition, “There is no human over there” at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2018 “ART JAPAN 2018” at Coburg House Art Studios (Glasgow, UK)
2019 “ART TAIWAN & JAPAN 2019” at Kaohsiung City Art Center (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
2019 “8th Discover the one Japanese Art 2019 in Abu Dhabi” at Etihad Modern Art Gallery (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2019 Solo exhibition, “Square cats” at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2020 “Inspi – Koreyan Exhibition” at Corridor Gallery 34 in Park Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)


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