colorful bird

colorful bird

16.93 x 13.39 inches
$380 (with frame)

バイオチェック後反映予定 Yoko Yasuda is a Japanese artist. When I was a kid, my house grew up near a temple in Kyoto. There was a picture of a dragon on the ceiling of the temple. Ink paintings are also displayed inside the temple, which is appealing to children who like to draw naturally. She studied oil painting in high school, graduated and worked as a textile designer. She won the Comparison Award at the French-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition in 1992. In 1998, she produced 84 guest room paintings at the Lake Biwa Hotel in Shiga Prefecture. In 2001, she painted 12 folding screen paintings at the ANA Hotel Kyoto and praised her. I want to draw a picture that makes people bright and enjoyable when they see my picture. I believe that I will be happy if my heart is happy at any time.

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