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The Truth of Love

drawing paper, Japanese paper
12.6 × 9.25 inches
$350 (with frame)

In Japan, this flower is considered to be noble. Some people have a bad image of it, even though many are familiar with it and even consider it as a lucky charm. This artwork was created to show everyone that chrysanthemum is a flower of love.


YUKIME Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store


drawing paper
8.27 × 11.22 inches
$300 (with frame)

“Rose” (2021) is a paper cutout from a picture I drew in the past. I especially like the woman’s hairstyle, which is a rose flower that expresses the beauty of her hair.
YUKIME Online Exhibition "Flower" Art Sales Online Art Store

Date with Oiran

drawing paper, Japanese paper
12.2 × 8.86 inches
$300 (with frame)

“Date with Oiran” (2011) presents a woman, who lives like a doll in a small world. Oiran is her only loved one. She cherishes her love for him. This artwork expresses such strong love.

YUKIME was born in Shizuoka prefecture. She grew up at the foot of Mt Fuji.

Her sensitivities were brought up from nature and her laid-back personality seems to be related to the climate.

Her curiosity is strong and she challenges it with the attitude of “try it for the time being”. She takes on challenges with various things.

All that remains is to draw a picture.

She gets so enthusiastic that she sometimes forgets to eat.

Her dream is to impress strangers.

Her first experience with paper-cutting was a gift for a relative’s marriage.

She wanted to give a unique gift.

When she gave him the present, he gave her a big smile.

She learned the joy of making someone smile.

From this happiness, she became absorbed in paper-cutting.

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