My name is YUKO, and I draw with pastels.
I hope that the warm colors of pastels bring inner peace to everyone who visits my exhibition, like a ray of soft light.

Good friends by YUKO ONOGAKI

Good friends

soft pastel, colored pencils
11.23 x 8.27 inches
$100 (with frame)

Peaceful world by YUKO ONOGAKI

Peaceful world

soft pastel, colored pencils
12.84 x 9.45 inches
$100 (with frame)



soft pastel, colored pencils
11.82 x 10.63 inches
$100 (with frame)

YOU. - Painter - JCAT artist

Born and raised in Kanagawa Prefecture, YUKO ONOGAKI has loved drawing since she was a little girl. Even today, when she is not working, she is drawing.

She was drawn to the warmth of the art material, pastel, and in 2013, she earned her pastel art instructor certificate and began drawing pastel artworks. By using eyebrow pencils and burnt brown watercolor pencils as borders, she gradually learned how to draw her images and uses her finger, cotton, and cotton swabs to draw pastel artworks.

Continuing her series on the little girl angel, which was the first drawing that felt like her own, she prefers drawing the adorableness and beauty of life in animals. She values the time she uses to draw Earth’s colorful nature and the world’s compassion in life.

Art surpasses words and creates peace in the heart. It has the mysterious power to invite people into a world full of freedom. YUKO believes that she will feel complete happiness if she is able to draw an artwork that even slightly heals someone’s heart.

From 2014 to 2018, YUKO joined a yearly group exhibition. In 2019, she joined a three-person exhibition and a group exhibition four times in Yokohama and Jiyugaoka. In 2020, she exhibited at the same gallery and also joined Thumb-hole Exhibitions, and entered three exhibitions as of July.

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