Online Exhibition "The Gift" Art Sales Online Art Store
Online Exhibition "The Gift" Art Sales Online Art Store

Let’s choose and decide!

Canvas, acrylic, oil
9.53 × 13.11 Inch
$280 (without Frame)

Online Exhibition "The Gift" Art Sales Online Art Store

Light of happiness

Canvas, oil
8.66 × 10.75 Inch
$240 (without Frame)

Nice to meet you! My name is MIHO and I currently reside in Tokyo. I create mixed media artworks with acrylic and oil paints. With great importance on imagination, inspiration, dreams, and hope, I would like to deliver peace and happiness to people.

MIHO - Mixed Media Artist - JCAT artist


MIHO was born in Tokyo in 1971 and spent her childhood in Los Angeles. Seeing STAR WARS for the first time had a tremendous impact on her, and she came to enjoy imagining fantasies and painting them.

After returning to Japan, she aspired to sing and dance, and in her twenties she performed on the stage of Japan’s famous all-female Takarazuka Revue. There she first experienced the splendor of delivering dreams and happiness. In 2017 MIHO started painting again, and since then she has participated in a charity thumbhole exhibition (all exhibited paintings approximately 6″x 9″) every year. IN 2019, MIHO lost her beloved dog, and works that she painted to express her feelings of gratitude for him and for his current state in heaven were selected for the All Japan Art Exhibition. With that opportunity, and feeling that her beloved dog was encouraging her, she truly began her art activities in earnest. Through art, MIHO aims to create a world full of love and to contribute to society by delivering healing, dreams, and happiness. MIHO creates her paintings with motifs of animals, plants and beautiful objects by placing oil paints on acrylics, sometimes decorating them with glitter or natural stones, finishing each as a gorgeous work.

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  1. Siento una dulce tranquilidad tan solo al obsevarlo un poco el arte. Simplemente es tierno y agradable. Maravillosos trabajos.

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