Sakura Isono

Online Art Exhibition Made in Japan 2022 JCAT Gallery LIVE NoHo M55 Gallery Chelsea NY Japanese Contemporary Artist Team

Can’t you see your wonderful brilliance? See it with the eyes of your heart. And believe it.

acrylic on canvas
15.75 x 19.3 inches
$492 (with frame)

Sakura was born in Osaka, Japan.
She was raised by her mother, who painted on kimonos, and her father, who was a painter.
Ever since she was a child, drawing has been a part of her daily life.

She has used pencils, pastels, origami, and Japanese paints, but now paints with acrylics.
When she was in her twenties, she participated in special exhibitions.
When she was in her thirties, she had a solo exhibition every two years.
She is currently traveling around Japan with the goal of having two solo exhibitions a year.
She became interested in exhibiting abroad when she had a solo show in Florence, Italy in 2019.

Her works are not inspiring pictures, but they make you feel good inside.
I’m glad that people who are busy every day can be healed by her pictures.

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