Setsuko Masubuchi

Cherryblossoms by Setsuko Masubuchi


watercolor, crayons
8.67 x 10.63 inches
$140 (with frame)

Sweet time by Setsuko Masubuchi

Sweet time

watercolor, crayons
4.73 x 4.73 inches
$43 (with frame)

Setsuko Masubuchi JCAT Artist

Setsuko Masubuchi

Setsuko Masubuchi liked drawing when she was a child. She used to say to her parents ‘please give me paper and pencil.’ She worked as a cartoonist’s assistant after she graduated from an art trade school. Currently, she draws something that speaks to her soul by watercolor and crepes.

2014 Solo exhibition (Chiba)
2016 Seisuu exhibition Winning (Tokyo)
2021 Solo exhibition (Tokyo, Kanagawa)


1 Comment

  1. It’s very beautiful♪*゚♡‬
    心暖まる素敵な桜ですね❀❀( •̤ᴗ•̤ )♪*゚

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