Shion Naruse



india ink, washi paper, silk
11.81 × 16.54 inches
$1050 (without frame)

Hūṃ by calligrapher Shion Naruse India Ink Washi Paper JCAT Gallery Online Exhibition


india ink, washi paper, silk
11.81 × 16.54 Inch
$1050 (without frame)

Calligraphy Artist Shion Naruse

Shion Naruse is a calligraphy artist who combines calligraphy and kimono obi to express the importance of living each day with words and obi ties.

For her, writing is the same as breathing.
She writes “words” and “paintings” with ink and acrylic paint, using the tabi as a canvas so that the people wearing the festive tabi could become brighter and more energetic while selling it.
She wants to express not only the festival, but also the “appreciation”, “changing seasons” and “Japanese traditional culture” of everyday life.
She believes that the Japanese lifestyle, changing with the seasons, is closely related to the culture and spirit of Japan, and is therefore powerful.
This is why she creates works that value words. She hopes that people who see it feels warmth.
A major theme of her writing is “bind (MUSUBI)”.
“Bind (MUSUBI)” means “connecting or binding”, “connecting a promise / connecting a person with another” and connecting one heart to another.
She wants to thank all the connections she has gained through “bind (MUSUBI)” and the ability to communicates her feelings through her culture of “harmony” and “fusion” and daily life.

Major activities include many framed calligraphy works, such as the work in Sanuki Udon restaurant “Hannyarin” (2018). In addition, taking advantage of the exhibition at JAPAN EXPO Paris (2019), she began expanding overseas. She has won awards for the Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition (2019) and the Nika Art Exhibition “National Postcard Design Award” (2019).

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