“Is Trash Trash?” Award Winner Artist Nobuyo Sakakibara


Nobuyo Sakakibara is an Artist of Japanese-style Paintings living in Aichi Prefecture.
Her paintings are characterized by expressions of color and a graceful style that make use of her experience of growing up in a land rich in nature.

Nobuyo graduated from Nagoya Institute of Art and Design where she majored in Japanese painting. She has been making Japanese paintings for over 30 years. Since 1988 she has presented at numerous solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, and public exhibitions. Her work has been recognized by her peers, beginning with the 2004 Toyohashi Citizens’ Exhibition Grand Prix, and most recently in 2018, receiving the Matsumoto Seitarou Award for excellent work. A member of the Aichi Art and Culture Association and of other art groups as well, she is also a jury member for art exhibitions.

Her Japanese paintings use ancient, time-honored Japanese art materials – rock paint made by crushing natural ore and colored glass, gemstones, used with Japanese paper, glue and water. Nobuyo paints love and beauty. Her paintings are colorfully expressed by borrowing the figures of flowers and people. From her paintings, one can feel a connection with the unwavering force from ancient times, the flow of time, and the expanse of space. Nobuyo’s unique Japanese paintings have charmed and delighted people from all over the world.

Nobuyo Sakakibara's "Is Trash Trash?" Artworks

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